Types of Escape Room Games

28 Jul

Escape room games are played by the players in groups who work hand in hand to solve puzzles involved in the games. They also co-operate to achieve roles they are assigned to win. Each team is allocated a similar amount of time to accomplish all the tasks. Usually, the time allocated is short. The choice that a player goes for is dependent on their tastes, and the amount of time they want to dedicate to playing the game. There are various types of escape room games that players can choose to partake in depending on their preferences.

The first type is linear escape room games. Similar to all other escape room games, the linear type involves solving puzzles. However, the rule of the linear escape room game requires that the players solve the puzzles in a particular order. The puzzles must not be solved randomly. Linear escape room games are the simplest hence most ideal for beginners. It is also the right choice for a player that is not willing to engage themselves in a complex activity.

The other type is non-linear escape room games. The puzzles involved in non-linear escape room games are solved differently from the linear type. The rules of the games allow the players to address more than one puzzles at a time. the puzzles are usually placed at one end of the room. Unlike the puzzles involved in the Breakout Games, the puzzles here are more complicated and require a lot of time. The players in a team should split into several groups to enable them to solve the puzzles in time.

The third type of Breakout Gamesis called Scavenger Hunt. Unlike the two previous games, it does not involve solving puzzles. The players in a team are tasked with looking for items and hints. Scavenger Hunt escape room games are complicated hence require the teams involved to have many members to enable them to beat the set timelines.

Red Herring is another type of escape room game. The type involves solving puzzles. However, several deterrents hinder the players from solving the puzzles with ease. The hindrances are found between the puzzles that need to be addressed and the hints that players need to solve the puzzles. The type is very complicated as it involves both linear and non-linear ways to solve the puzzles. Therefore, due to their complexity, players within a team should be many. Find out some more facts about escape room throughhttps://www.dictionary.com/browse/escape.

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